Trinity Doodles Puppy Application


Please complete the application and return it to Trinity Doodles. You may submit this application as an attachment to email to:

Thank you for your interest in our Australian Labradoodles!  This application includes important terms and conditions about your puppy purchase.  When your application is approved and you prepare to receive a Trinity Doodle this information and application will be attached to the sales contract as an addendum.  By submitting this application, you understand, agree and accept these terms and conditions and agree to including this addendum to your executed contract with Trinity Doodles for a puppy purchase. 

Unanswered questions or incomplete applications may delay or impact your puppy purchase.

Completion of this application does not obligate you to purchase a puppy nor does it assure you that a puppy will be available at any given time.


Today’s Date:




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Home Phone Number:


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Email Address:


Your Drivers License Number:


Secondary Contact Person (Name, Phone and Address):



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Please list the Name, Phone Number and Address of your spouse’s employer, if applicable:




If you will be visiting Trinity Doodles to pick up your puppy please list the color, make and model of your vehicle along with your tag number:


1.  Please tell us about why you would like to adopt an Australian Labradoodle:






2.  Do all the family members want this Labradoodle?


3.  Do you have children?  If so what are their ages?



4.  If you will have this puppy/dog around children, are the children used to dogs? What is the most important thing you want to teach your children about puppies/dogs?



5.  Who will be primary care giver of the puppy?

6.  Are you applying for a service dog, therapy dog, a home companion (pet puppy), breeding stock or do you wish to apply to be a guardian?

*  If you are applying to be a guardian family what county do you live in and do they have a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance?


7.  Do any members of your family suffer from allergies?  If so are you or the members of your family under a physicians care for allergies?




8.  Do you own your home or rent?


9.  If you rent, then is the landlord agreeable to pets?


10.  How much experience do you and your family have with dogs?



11.  Do you have other animals? If so, what types?



12.  Have you ever raised a puppy?



13.  What kind of dogs have you previously owned?



14.  What were the reasons any pet has left the family?


15.  What is your life style? Active, Some what active, or Sedentary.


16.  When would you like to bring a Labradoodle into your family?


17.  Are you aware of the time, energy and expense a puppy requires?


18.  Do you have the finances to house and care for a Labradoodle?


19.  Is there someone at home during the day?


20.  If you work, will someone be able to feed and take him/her out during the day?


21.  How many days per week and for what length of time would you expect your puppy to be alone?


22.  Will the dog be in a crate?


23.  Where will the dog be at night?  In a Crate, Doggie Bed, Other (please explain)?

What room?




24.  Is your yard fully fenced? If not how do you plan to keep the dog safe?



25.  Will you complete at least basic obedience training with the dog?  Where?



26.  What form of discipline do you feel is appropriate for dogs?



27.  Please provide the name and contact information of your veterinarian:




28.  What are the most important dog-attributes/personalities for you?




29.  Please list additional preferences you may have in regards to size, sex and color:



30.  Is there any additional information you feel you would like to share with us to consider in helping you find the right puppy for your needs?



31.  How do you plan to get your puppy?  If you prefer to have your puppy shipped to you what is the closest major airport?



32.  Please list at least three personal references and tell us how we might reach them.




33.  How did you hear about Trinity Doodles?



34.  It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new puppy, but are you prepared for the “honeymoon” to end? Do you realize that puppies have a LOT of energy and that they sometimes chew, dig, bark and cry at night? Sometimes they play roughly and scratch your skin with sharp teeth and nails; they may have accidents or get sick on floors. Sometimes they scratch at doors and chew on things they shouldn’t. Please take some time to respond and tell me how you will deal with the negative side of puppyhood?





A deposit of $500. is required upon approval of application and may be made via paypal or bankwire to reserve your placement on our litter wait list.  When the litter of your Trinity Doodle is born we will notify you within 24 hours of the birth and request at that time an additional $500. be submitted toward the placement fee of your puppy.  The remaining balance of $1500. on or before selection day.  All placement fees are required to be submitted by the time the puppies are 9 weeks old and prior to the scheduled date of their spay/neuter procedure. Our puppies typically go home between 9 and 10 weeks of age.  In the event that your puppy is over 9 weeks of age at selection payment in full, cleared funds, is required before your puppy is picked up or shipped to in order to reserve them for your family. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We make every effort to get back to you in a timely manner, but would ask if you do not hear from us to please try again in the alternative form of what you previously tried just in case there was a problem with its delivery.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Dianne Carter

Trinity Doodles



Important Addendum Information, terms and conditions to your puppy sales contract:

By submitting this application, you agree to:

1. Feed the puppy good quality dog food and treats (suggested brands are available through Trinity Doodles)

2.  This dog will be an indoor “house dog” in a temperature controlled home and will not be kept outdoors on a permanent/long standing basis.   

3.  Provide human companionship.  The dog will not be isolated in a crate, laundry room, outside kennel, dog run, garage, etc…

4.  Provide adequate training, exercise and mental stimulation.

5.  Never leave your dog unattended in a vehicle.

6.  Register your puppy’s microchip and keep your microchip contact information updated.  Please consider listing Trinity Doodles as a secondary contact in the event you cannot be reached.for an emergency.  

7.  Ensure we have your  current home address, email address, telephone number for at least the duration of our health guarantee and contract. 

8.  Secure the best veterinary care and attend to the physical and emotional welfare of this puppy throughout his life.  Provide routine preventative care including, but not limited to grooming, veterinary recommended safeguards such as heartworm preventative, flea/tick repellent, regular worming, clean/dry ears, dental care, etc.

9.  Discuss vaccination protocol with your veterinarian and request that a conservative approach is taken so as to not expose your dog to unnecessary and potentially harmful procedures.  We suggest the protocol that are Dr. Jean Dodd’s recommendations. 

10.  Not ever give or sell this dog to any pet store, laboratory, puppy mill, Humane Society, animal shelter, or dog pound.  If at any time in its life the puppy is to be sold or given away, the Purchaser shall notify the Breeder to assist in re-homing the dog and the breeder is to be given first right of refusal.  


By making this application to purchase or request a Trinity Doodle puppy, you understand that there is no guarantee or promise that the puppy will be non-shedding and/or hypo-allergenic.


Trinity Doodle puppies come with a short-term health warranty and in order to keep this in force, you must take your puppy to a veterinarian within 3 business days of receiving the puppy. Your puppy will come with a 3-year warranty against serious genetic and congenital health defects in which empirical testing exists to support and confirm such a diagnosis.. Please refer to our health and sales contract for additional details.

As a condition of warranty, we require that you provide Trinity Doodles with written authorization from you to your veterinarian, allowing Trinity Doodles to have full and complete access to this puppy’s veterinary records and to discuss this puppy’s health and care with your veterinarian at any time.

We strongly suggest that you protect your puppy by getting health insurance for them.



General Information

Our puppies are born in our home, or that of a guardian, given loving human care from the moment of birth. The puppies are used to being loved and handled. They trust humans and openly express their love toward us. Puppies always need gentle and consistent training to bring out their best for your family. We require that you use only positive reinforcement. We do NOT condone the use of alpha-roll techniques, shock collars, choke collars, prong collars or any negative punishment. We consider these tactics to be abusive and unnecessary.




 Ask us questions!  If you properly research, you can have a plan ready and in place so that your puppy’s homecoming will be a peaceful, happy one to last a lifetime.


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