Just for fun...

By now you have come to discover that labradoodles are awesome family dogs.  With that in mind it seemed appropriate to get the whole family involved.  So from our kids to yours we have added this page.

Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one ~ Anonymous

Many thanks to our very dear friends, neighbors and guardian families who are regular visitors to the Trinity Outback to play with your future doodle baby and help to expose them to many unique experiences!

Hey Kids ~

We would love to hear stories of you and your doodle and of course we always LOVE pictures. 

In October we are having a virtual Halloween parade so be sure to send your pictures for Halloween. 

What is the BEST training tip you have to share with other kids?  Please send your answers to Jenn@Trinitydoodles.com



Offer your puppy treats in the palm of your open hand. This allows the puppy to take it without feeling as though they need to bite at it from your fingertips.

From one kid to another, Ask Jenn ~ submit your questions for a response that may even show up here.  Contact Jenn ~ jenn@trinitydoodles.com





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