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We have placed our Australian Labradoodles with families in Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Texas,Tennessee and across the entire state of Florida. Will your home state be our next destination for the unfolding of new memories to be made with your doodle?

On this page you will find that from time to time we add stories, pictures, letters and even testimonials from our Trinity Doodle families.  It should be mentioned however that any webmaster is capable of editing testimonies to their favor.  For this reason it is our preference to direct those who wish to hear from our families to our Trinity Doodles 'Tails' from home page on one of our favorite websites Doodlekisses.  Here you will find the unleashed version straight from the fingertips (& maybe paws) of our family members.  Many thanks to our families who continue to share the life and times of their doodles with us!


We received the below note from Betty in August of 2011.  Betty has a pup from the litter of Charity and Janko 01/10.  She was inquiring about upcoming litters.


Dear Diane,


It was wonderful to hear from you! I am so excited about the new litter. I cannot tell you how many people daily stop me about My Jasmine. She is truly the light of my life; an unbelievable companion. She goes everywhere I go. We got home from California two weeks ago and we leave this Saturday to go hiking in Colorado. She is the best traveler. Never makes a Peep in her bag and somehow knows when to be friendly and when to be reserved with people going wild over how beautiful and well behaved she is. She never puts a "foot wrong" actually she has never had an accident in the house or chewed or destroyed or harmed any of our possessions! I find that truly amazing. Her intelligence, personality, and good nature are more than anyone could ever hope for in an animal or a person. Did I say she is incredibly athletic... swims, runs, jumps... She is loved by all she meets and friends beg to take care of her if I should ever have to leave her........

My daughter and grand daughter really want the puppy. I would take another in a minute but am afraid I could not travel with two and Jazz and I take a lot of trips together so having my daughter have her sister seems like a good option as I would be around to guide them and help them. So please yes I would like pick of the litter. We are in North Carolina until October 15th then back to Florida. I can come over and visit the new little ones once they have matured a bit...... whenever you say. And I will bring Jazzy so you can see how awesome she is. My words do not begin to describe her.

Thank you for The Miracle of Jasmine. You will always have a special place in my heart as i certainly remember how nervous I was to get another after I lost my Magnolia. You were so reassuring and seeing how you adored your puppies gave me the courage to move forward with another.

God bless, Betty




Dear Dianne,  

Today is Kodi’s 6 month birthday and I’m sending YOU this note because I know you are celebrating right along with us, as well as the rest of the litter-mates’ families. We have become a sort of extended family and I am thrilled with the connection we all share. Your ongoing support to all of us and our puppies shows your passion for and commitment to your “babies”. I am so thankful that I found TRINITY DOODLES.

  Let me tell you a little about the little chocolate boy you recommended to me. He is exactly as you had described that first time we spoke. And he is absolutely everything we wanted (and more)!  

Kodi is as even-tempered as they come – especially around little children. It’s as if he instinctually understands the need to be calm and gentle. Whether he is meeting one person, or a crowd of excited onlookers, he sits at their feet and lets them love him. If he get’s overwhelmed (as he did when my 8 year old’s entire soccer team charged toward him and then surrounded him with a sea of petting hands) he simply moves behind my legs for cover. He has never shown an ounce of aggression.

  Kodi is also a little genius. He loves to learn and gets so much pleasure from performing. Sit, paw, roll over, high-five, come. He learned them all in about an hour! As for house breaking, he had all of 5 accidents in a two-week period. That was all. He is a great communicator and has learned to express his needs, whatever they are.

  My little companion is by my side constantly. And although he was attached to me ONLY for the first few weeks of his arrival, he is now equally at ease with everyone in the house. He loves going for long walks, playing Frisbee, accompanying me on errands, and going to/from the bus stop every morning and afternoon (that’s his favorite part of the day). He has become such a big part of my life that I can’t even imagine going back to our pre-Kodi days. The love and devotion he shows us all is wonderful and ties our family together in a new and wonderful way.

  I want to thank you for giving Kodi a healthy and happy start. And for continuing to  send advice, suggestions and news that we need to keep Kodi on track. I have recommended your breeding program to sooo many people and whole-heartedly hope that they explore the possibility of adopting one of your puppies to enhance their lives!

  Happy Birthday!


  PS: I forgot to mention how handsome Kodi is!!! He turns heads wherever he goes. And we spend much too much time admiring his gorgeous coat, his dreamy eyes and his happy gait!





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Hi Dianne,

Just wanted you to know Bisbee is getting along great. He is such a joy and has brought a smile to my heart, everyone should have a Bisbee. He is so very smart and has the greatest temperament. He is just the perfect companion and perfect addition to our family. I am most appreciative of all the time, effort and love you and your family shared with Bisbee preparing him for his forever home, it certainly shows. Trinity Doodles should be very proud (Ella and James too), he's awesome. Thank you again for the best doggone doodle!





Nancy & Bisbee

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